Tree & Shrub Pruning

The Importance of Pruning

There are many reasons that we prune but the main general reasons are to promote the health of the plant and to make them look great and be productive in the landscape. If you are growing fruiting trees and shrubs and some ornamentals we want to prune them for maximum flower and fruit development. Trees and shrubs that have not been pruned properly or not pruned at all end up being unproductive and unsightly in your landscape.

In order to keep your trees looking great and keeping them productive, it is best to start pruning them when they are planted if they have not been pruned by the nursery. Every year after that will shape and mold the plant into what you want it to be.

Pruning is done for most trees and shrubs during the dormant season which is in the months of February and March. Depending on what the variety is and when it blooms and whether it blooms on old wood or new wood there may be different times of year to prune. If you are growing hedges and want to maintain density and shape pruning needs to be done a couple of times a year during the growing season.

At Arnold Acres we want our customers to have a great experience with their woody plantings and have them be productive, well shaped, and healthy. Relying on a hit and miss approach to pruning rarely accomplishes this. Larry has a lifetime of experience growing things in Southeast Nebraska. He has 30 years of experience working for the Natural Resource Conservation Service, and 15 years of experience planting and pruning his own trees on his acreage called Arnold Acres. I pinch myself every morning so I am not dreaming when I go out into my acreage and experience the beauty of my plantings. Every season of the year has its own beauty. Let Larry talk to you about the benefits of pruning your trees and shrubs on a timely basis so you can have the same experience with nature’s beauty. I have a passion for growing things and have a lot of experience. Give Arnold Acres a try in pruning services so you can experience an orderly approach to assure nature’s beauty and bounty in your woody plantings.