Aronia (Black Chokeberries)

Aronia berries are not berries that you want to pick straight off the bush to eat, but boy do they pack some antioxidant power. The dark blue pigment is what makes these so high in antioxidants and why people seek them out. Eating the berries fresh is like drinking a very dry wine. Mixed with sugar and pectin to make jellies is our first priority when we pick our berries here at Arnold Acres. There are always berries left over to sell fresh by the pound. They are very reliable so we expect to have these berries available every year. We plan to expand our number of plants in the future.


Blackberries have to be one of the most prolific growers of all time. The varieties that we have will grow canes that are over 10 foot long. They will start bearing in July and we will make both jellies and jams from the fruits. We always have fresh fruit available to sell at the market also. We will let you know when these are available.


Black Raspberries are a favorite for a lot of people. It has a unique flavor versus red. We will have limited amounts versus red raspberries and will have them available only for jellies and jam. We are just starting our black raspberries this year and will have jellies and jams available on a limited basis starting in 2019.


One of the favorites to grow here at Arnold Acres. We grow both summer-bearing raspberries and fall bearing raspberries. There is only a short window in late July and early August that we will not have fresh fruit available at the markets or we will sell directly from the farm. Just let us know if you want us to reserve some for you. They make great jelly and jams and we will have plenty available in the markets for sale.


I have met very few people who do not absolutely love strawberries. It is the first fruit of the season other than rhubarb. You will never taste a strawberry from the grocery store that can compare to a fresh picked local strawberry. One of the favorites for jams as we sell out quickly at the markets. We also sell the fresh fruit at the markets and they sell out quickly. Strawberries are the tomatoes and sweet corn of the fruit world. Nothing compares to fresh and local for sweetness and juiciness.