Edible Landscaping

What is Edible Landscaping?

When we landscape our backyards, acreages, or farms we do not always think about the options we have when it comes to providing food to ourselves, or to the wild animals, birds, and insects that live in our environment. Landscaping does not always have to be plants that just beautify our outdoor living areas. We can do so much more to sustain the living environment and add diversity to our outdoor living spaces.

For the past 15 years, we at Arnold Acres have successfully planted between 300-400 trees and shrubs on our acreage because Larry has a passion for growing things. These plantings are a host for food, or produce food, for animals, insects, birds, and for ourselves. Whether you want to attract bees and beneficial insects, birds, wild animals, or grow fruit and nuts for yourself, Larry has the experience and knowledge to help you select the plants that are hardy to Southeast Nebraska to accomplish your goals. There are many fruits and nuts that you can grow for yourself in the landscape and still have it very attractive to add value to your property.

Costs are always a consideration when it comes to landscaping your property. We at Arnold Acre’s are aware of how expensive this can be. We have an approach that can save you thousands of dollars in landscaping costs if you have the patience to start with smaller plants. Larry can buy one, two, or three-year bare root plants, plant them in a pot to develop a root system for you, and then plant them on your property according to the plan decided on. Buying bare root plants gives you many more options for different varieties of plants and saves you dollars. The only drawback is that it will take more time to grow the plants to maturity, but younger plants establish themselves quicker than older plants grown in pots or balled and burlapped. This approach has a very high survival rate with less of an investment when using larger plants. Put Larry’s experience to work from his own acreage by contacting him for a free estimate and options on how to landscape your property using edible plants and proven methods.