Welcome To Spring 2019

April 8th, 2019

What a winter we had this year.  It was definitely one for the ages.  I am 62 years old and have never in my adult life or in my childhood experienced anything like this.  The amount of snowfall we received this winter was unprecedented.  Just think what it would have been like if we would not have had several days of warm weather that melted most of the snow that we had earlier in the winter.  I sure feel sorry for the people who lost their houses and possessions in the floods.  This probably won’t be the end of it, as a tremendous amount of snowmelt will be coming down the Missouri and Platte this spring yet.  Keep those people in your prayers.
Here at Arnold Acres we are in good shape with the wet weather.  I do my early garden on raised beds and they were covered during the winter with black plastic.  We uncovered several of them and planted into them already this spring.  We currently have lettuce, kohlrabi, and broccoli plants growing underneath floating row cover on the beds.  We have also planted radish seeds and onion sets.  We had a fairly hard frost on Saturday night and was able to cover the beds with an additional layer of insulation to keep the plants from freezing.  With the warm weather forecast for the end of the week, the plants are happily growing.

Arnold Acres will be back at the markets again this year starting the 1st week in May at Bennett on Wednesday evenings from 4-7.  Syracuse market will open again in June as will the Papillion market.  We plan on having seasonal produce and jams and jellies available for each of those markets.  Asparagus and onions and radishes should be our first fruits of the season.  I will keep everyone abreast of what we will have available.

One additional item that we will sell is cured gourds for painting and decorating.  We had a bumper crop last fall and they have been curing this winter. We have birdhouse, oblong, and round basketball size gourds.  I will remove the mold and skin and sand them so they will be ready to paint.  Also, we will have a new look at the markets this year as I have designed a new display to catch people’s attention at the markets.  I can’t wait for the market to start so we can display it.  After a lapse of posting, I will consistently post my thoughts about gardening and have some informative articles about topics in primarily fruit and vegetable gardening.  Soon I will create a Facebook page so be looking for that.