We are Proud to be the Feature Farm on the Buy Fresh Buy Local Website this Week

April 8th, 2019

It has been a while since I blogged and am finding it difficult to find the time to do it, as we are in the heart of the vegetable garden season in both producing and marketing our jams, jellies, vegetables, and fruits.  Currently, we have available to sell many jams and jellies, green beans, summer squash, cucumbers, potatoes, snow peas,  cabbage, Saskatoon berries (service), pie cherries.   It is hard work but very rewarding in the fact that we are not only bringing in income by doing it but also doing a labor of love.     I will probably do much more blogging in the fall and winter as I have more time.  This week we are proud of the fact that we are the featured farm on the Buy Fresh Buy Local Website.

You can go to their website at the following URL and look to the right and look for the Featured Member of the Week tab and click on it to see the feature.  We are totally committed to doing our farming in a sustainable manner.  My career in the NRCS taught me a lot about soils and the main emphasis in the last few years for our agency was focused on Soil Health.  Fewer inputs of non-natural materials into the soil and on the crops that grow in it is one way that we can assure that the health of the soil and the food that grows in it is not compromised.  By being a member of Buy Fresh Buy Local we can reach more people to let them know about our philosophy of growing food.

The warm weather crops are coming on quicker than they normally would because of the hot weather.  We have a few peppers that can be picked.  Cantaloupes are coming on quicker than normal.  We will also have raspberries within a couple of weeks.  I am also sure by the early part of July we should have tomatoes.  We will be growing salad (compari type), slicing, and Roma type tomatoes and will have an abundance of them barring any storms or insect or disease issues.  Our mulberry jam is very popular in the markets and sells out fast.  We are becoming more efficient in harvesting them so more jam will be made.

Before I quit I want to let you know about a couple unique (to me) crops we are growing this year.  For the 1st time ever I am growing miniature cucumbers called Mini Munch.  They are very productive and are popular in the markets.  Let me know if you need any of these in bulk, as we can pick them at any size from 2 inches up the 6-7 inches to suit your specific needs.  We also have had the best harvest of Saskatoon (service) berries that we have ever had.  It has been a banner year and we are making jams out of them as well as selling them fresh in pint containers.  You can use them as you would blueberries.  They look very similar but are juicier and sweeter.  They have more of a plum flavor and texture although other people have different ideas about how they taste.  Come to one of our markets we attend or contact us to visit our farm and find out for yourself.