Arnold Acres 2020

May 6th, 2020

Wow, have these been unprecedented times we are living in! It seems like the fall and winter went by fast, and here we are in spring and we are in the middle of a  pandemic.  I hope and pray that everyone is doing well and you are all social distancing and doing what needs to be done to slow the pandemic and keep everyone safe. 

Here at Arnold Acres, we are planning to carry on with raising quality produce for the Syracuse Market as well as the Papillion Market.  In addition, we will sell our fruits, veggies, and jams and jellies directly from our farm by appointment only.  If there is demand we will also take orders and deliver it to Syracuse or Nebraska City on either Wednesdays or Fridays.  So yes, despite the pandemic, we will be open to expanded marketing opportunities for our customers.  Contact us if you have any concerns about how safe our products will be.  We can be flexible with how we process and deliver our products and will follow the guidelines set forth by the governor for Farmer's Markets.

Currently, we have asparagus, radishes, green onions, and several varieties of leaf lettuce available, as well as many jellies and jams. Check our Facebook page which is;  Arnold Acres@healthyvegetab for the most current list of available products  Since we have no markets open yet, contact us and we will make arrangements to get you what you want.  Our phone is 402-217-2930.  Arnold Acre's email is

I do want to remind any new customers and our existing ones about the value of our food.  I am a soil health advocate. which means we grow our food in a sustainable matter using methods that add to the health of the soil the food is grown in, instead of using chemicals which degrades the soils. Compost and cover crops are used to build up the living organisms in the soil, which allows our fruits and vegetables to be fed naturally, instead of by chemicals added to the soil. Thus our motto- Healthy Soils=Healthy Food.