All the vegetables and fruits that are grown on Arnold Acres near Syracuse Nebraska are grown in a healthy sustainable matter using proven methods. Low inputs and organic methods are used whenever possible to maintain and increase the health of the soil and to keep our environment and food healthy. Arnold Acres is a haven for birds as Larry has planted between 300 and 400 trees and shrubs since 2002 when we had our home built. Many of these plantings produce edible fruits and nuts not only for humans but for the wildlife. Arnold Acres is 4.3 acres but only a small portion of it is used for production of our fruits and vegetables for market. We are increasingly using raised beds to grow our vegetables on, so we can manage the beds for optimum production, and also maintain the health of the soil which assures us of the quality of the food grown on it.

A four row windbreak was the 1st planting that we made on our acreage. After 15 years of growth it has become very effective in helping to reduce energy costs in both the winter and summer and protects many of our plantings as well as our house from the cold dry winter winds. With Larry’s experience and knowledge he is in a unique position to assist anyone who may need his services in planning and planting windbreaks. Larry’s knowledge of trees and shrubs and his background in soil science will be helpful and save you time and money in the long run. The windward row of our windbreak consists of chokecherries, wild plums, Saskatoon (service) berries, and mulberries. We have additional plantings of black choke (Aronia) berries, sand cherries, elderberries, gooseberries, both black and red raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, and rhubarb. Our orchard consists of apple, cherry, apricot and peach trees. We have black walnut plantings and northern pecan plantings. When designing landscapes or windbreaks, whether it is in your front or back yard in the city, on acreages, or on large farms, edible landscaping is an option to consider. This approach is practical, sustainable, and will provide a very attractive look as well as backyard food for you and the wildlife. Who would not want to go into their back yard and pick and eat the fruits of their labor?
arnold acres

The fruits of these plantings that Larry has done are what Mary Kay uses in her jams and jellies that we sell at Farmers Markets. We usually have more than what we can use for jams and jellies and what we use ourselves, so we will sell at the markets or directly off the farm the additional fresh fruits in season.

In order to maintain and keep the woody plantings of shrubs and trees looking beautiful and keeping them productive, yearly pruning needs to be done. With Larry’s expertise and experience in this field he can do this for you or teach you how to do it so the beauty and productivity of your plantings will last for years.