Arnold Acres

Welcome to Arnold Acres, which is located near Syracuse, Nebraska!

We are passionate about growing healthy foods in a sustainable manner. We grow a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, and produce our own jams and jellies! In addition, we provide Edible Landscaping Services, Tree and Shrub Pruning, and Windbreak Planning and Planting Services.

Larry has had a passion for growing things since he was a young boy, in this mother's garden. He has more than thirty years of experience in the field of soil science with the Natural Resource Conservation Service. He is pursuing his passion to provide healthy food to local communities using sustainable methods. Mary Kay is the creative one! She loves making jellies and jams in our kitchen from the fruits of our combined labors.

Stop by and visit with us at a Farmer's Market near you! Come to see and taste for yourself, how Healthy Soil = Healthy Food!

Arnold Acres 2020

Wow, have these been unprecedented times we are living in! It seems like the fall and winter went by fast, and here we are in spring and we are in the middle of a  pandemic.  I hope and pray that everyone is doing well and you are all social distancing and doing what needs to be done to slow the pandemic and keep everyone safe..................